Hippy Dippy

​Whenever something comes up in our life, whether it be an ache or pain, or feeling a little under the weather, or feeling sad or stressed or anxious....my boys might ask if I have any "Hippy Dippy stuff", and I always say "There's an oil for that!"  They reply, "Of course there is, mom (with an exaggerated role of the eyes)".  But, that is their way of asking which oil I would recommend to help them feel better.  The reason my boys ask, is because they have experienced the power of essential oils and how they work for them.  Young Living Essential Oils touch every part of my life...nutrition/supplements to fuel my workouts, cleaning without harsh chemicals, skin care/cosmetics, caring for my horses/dogs/cats, helping with aches/pains from an active lifestyle/aging, fragrance, and diffusing oils daily for a variety of reasons.

I will be offering several workshops to share my love of, and experience with, Young Living Essential Oils.  The workshops will be at my home.  

Thursday, March 15 @ 6:30pm - Intro to Essential Oils

Tuesday, March 20 @ 6:30pm - Yoga with Essential Oils

If you need help learning how to get started with essential oils, attend one of my workshops, or contact me directly @ jmkellerfit@gmail.com.Type your paragraph here.